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"GrrlScientist" is the pseudonym of an evolutionary ecologist/ornithologist & parrot researcher. Science writer/journalist at Forbes & Medium. Twitter manager and research paper collector for the Parrot Researchers' Group (@ParrotsGroup). Formerly: The Guardian (UK).

Closing Plenary speaker for British Ornithologists' Union 2017 Twitter Conference. Plenary speaker "The Year in Ecology" for 2014 British Ecological Society/Société Française d'Écologie conference. Judge for the 2016 Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize; The Guardian/Wellcome Trust 2014 science writing prize, & for the 2013 Royal Society Young People's Science Book Prize.

After earning a degree in microbiology (emphasis: virology) & working at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, GrrlScientist earned her PhD in evolutionary ecology & ornithology from the Zoology Dept at the University of Washington. Chapman Postdoctoral Fellow at the American Museum of Natural History, where she studied phylogeography, speciation & distribution of lories & other South Pacific Islands parrots.

A discarded scientist, she returned to her roots: writing. She wrote her eponymous science blog for The Guardian for 6.5 years. Also wrote for the non-profit think tank, The Evolution Institute, & for BirdLife, ABS-CBN, Science, Nature, Nature Blog Network, SciLogs, Birding Blogs & ScienceBlogs. Former podcast writer for BirdNote Radio.

Her best writing is collected & curated on Medium. Active on twitter @grrlscientist & sends a TinyLetter about her latest writing on most Fridays.

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