Garrett S

Designer, Architect, and Project Manager in Guatemala

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I began writing stories as a kid, and for a while diverged from the road for a spell, but now I've found it again.

My field is 3D art and animation, in which my skills are that of a 3D generalist. I'm currently wearing all the hats my productions, and exhausting as it is, am having a great time creating and exploring my talents as a character/environment designer and animator.

My main projects are titled "Mr. G", which is a series of work including animated shorts of a character modeled after myself, and "The Ville" – an animated thriller in the vein of Tim Burton, but still entirely it's own thing.

Be sure to check out the Mr. G blog and my Patreon page! Links below.

  • Work
    • TSM Arts and Animations
  • Education
    • East China Normal University
    • County College of Morris
    • Dong Hua University