Agastya Prastita Mahendradhany

Agastya Prastita Mahendradhany, Bandung Institute of Technology 2010. Metallurgical Engineering 2010. Was born on Samarinda, June 24th 1993. Then lived in Bandung for some years. A Forever-Sanguinist. Love coffees, comics, art & design, backpacking, photographs and movies!

although I’m not from the art or design majors. but my art & design or my photograph skills won’t lose even an art-majors challenges me.

A Few of my achievements:

As 9th Winner in National Programming Contest 2009 , participant in OSN Computer 2008 & 2009 , 4th grade National Poster BNN 2009 , Best 10 National Poster for Pharmacy Olympiad 2010 , National Poster BKKBN 2006, Physics Mading 2009, participant in LazuardiBirru’s National Poster Design 2010 , 3rd grade MTQ Calligraphy Contest 2008 & 2009 , 8th - 9th grade SEMPOA INDONESIA PRATAMA contest 2001 , 5th grade Poster BNN Junior High School 2005 , 1st place Ramadhan Ceria Festival 2009 with Evouz, 2nd place ITB Tokema Design Competition, ASEAN Writing Competition 2011, Global Festival ASEAN Summit, Winner in Caricature & Comic Competition ITB Fair 2012, etc.

twitter: @gueagaz | facebook: Agaz Mahendradhany | email: | no. hp & pin bbm: ask me.

Curriculum Vitae:

SMP: Mading Sekolah

SMA: Athravasa 08 dan 09 dibawah OSIS SMARIDASA, PJ Slide Perpisahan SMA, Tim Olimpiade Komputer 08/09


2010: UBT-ITB 2010

2011: Academic Division of UBT ITB, Artistic of Ganesha Badminton Championship 2010 & 2011, Ketua Artistik Open House Unit UBT, Artistik & Designer PEMIRA KM ITB 2011, Design Manager of Ocean Clothing Distro, Kabinet KM-ITB 2010-2011, Winayasunda at PROKM ITB 2011, Ketua Dekorasi Makrab Taplok ITB, Ketua Artistik BARYTE, Ketua Dekorasi MALING PAGER MG, Divisi Eksternal IMMG ITB

2012: Public Relation Officer of ITB Fair 2012, PJ LO Media Partner ITB Fair, Pubdok KADWIL FTTM, Divisi Artistik Wisudaan 2012, Artistik PEMIRA KM-ITB, Project Leader Video Wisnight, External Relation IMMG ITB, Design Manager of BAGMAN Apparel, Ketua Divisi Perijinan OSKM ITB 2012