Guerrino Dentistry Mt Vernon

Mount Vernon, NY

Paul J. Guerrino DDS PC opened Guerrino Dentistry Mt Vernon in 1987. The clinic’s success later allowed him to expand in Westchester County, founding additional clinics in Scarsdale, Armonk, and Hartsdale.

When he founded Guerrino Dentistry Mt Vernon, Paul J. Guerrino DDS PC had a vision of bringing together a wide range of dental specialists in one office. This put patient minds at ease, as they were able to have advanced dental procedures performed by dentists they already knew and trusted. Patients can receive the following specialized treatments without having to go to an unfamiliar clinic: BriteSmile whitening treatments, Invisalign orthodontics, porcelain veneers, tooth bonding, endodontic treatments, dental prosthesis, and dental implants.

Paul J. Guerrino DDS PC recognizes that good employees are not just those who can perform specialized treatments. He went to great lengths filling his staff with individuals who value community involvement and the advancement of dental care standards. Employees from Guerrino Dentistry Mt Vernon have been actively involved in local community events, including at the recent Memorial Day Mount Vernon Health Expo. At this event, which was sponsored by City Councilman Richard Thomas, the clinic’s employees distributed dental goodie bags to kids and provided advice about oral health. Mount Vernon staff members have also visited schools, participated in health fairs, and contributed to community events.

Additionally, Guerrino Dentistry Mt Vernon is committed to advancing general dental care standards. Employees always work hard to stay up-to-date on new trends, breakthroughs, and research, with many pursuing continuing education or participating in dental research. Other employees work to improve care standards by teaching courses and writing about dental care for other practitioners.

While the clinic’s employees value specialized treatments, community service, and the advancement of care standards, they are most committed to providing exceptional patient care. Patients who value exceptional care should reach out to Guerrino Dentistry Mt Vernon by calling 914-699-6568.

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