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"Guest10000000000000". Also known as: "TheScienceEnthusiast1130". I am a SCIENCE ENTHUSIAST. I look for news on SCIENCE, then the knowledge about the SCIENCE news, and other topics. I am highly liberal, and SCIENTIFIC when it is appropriate to do so. I bash religion/political conservatism. I am a fan of entertainment media (such as films, music tracks, music videos, video games, and more...), physics (such as atoms, force-carrying particles, lasers, plasma, electromagnetic radiation, gravitation, string theory, Big Bang, quarks, radioactivity, electrostatic discharges, Mass-energy equivalence equation by "Albert Einstein", thermodynamics, superconductivity, ferromagnetism, classical computation, quantum computation, neutrinos, particle accelerators, electromagnets, antiferromagnetism, paramagnetism, diamagnetism, and many more...) The current definition of "enthusiast" is a person filled with "enthusiasm". The two current definitions of "enthusiasm" is "excited interest or eagerness", or "Something in which one is keenly interested".

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