Guido Marcucci

Columbus, Ohio

A resident of Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Guido Marcucci serves as the Charles A. Doan Chair in Medicine for The Ohio State University’s Division of Hematology. Furthermore, he chairs the Alliance Leukemia Correlative Science Committee and teaches medical students in courses on several topics, including molecular virology and internal medicine. In addition to his academic and administrative responsibilities, Dr. Guido Marcucci serves as an attending physician with the Acute Leukemia Service at the A.G. James Cancer Hospital and the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Possessing a broad background of formal training in his chosen field, Dr. Guido Marcucci holds a doctor of medicine from the Rome, Italy-based Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. After graduating, he completed work as a visiting and postdoctoral fellow with the State University of New York at Buffalo before completing a fellowship in internal medicine at the University of Rome and a dermatology residency at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

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  • Work
    • Associate Director At Ohio State Universiy Cancer
  • Education
    • Md from catholic University Sacred Heart