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Guillermo Lagarejos

Student and Teacher in Comunidad de Madrid, España

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I am a primary English teacher in the region of Madrid. I studied a Bachelor´s degree in Primary Education at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid where I also got specialized in English language teaching in 2015.

I trully believe in education as the best tool to do away with most of problems we find in society.

I got a C1 level in English regarding the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

I have taken part in several projects during my intership while studying. Some of them are Vegetable Garden Project, Reading Encouraging Project, Getting to Know my Country Project and Intercultural Worksheet.

Moreover, I have worked as Leisure Time Monitor in summer camps for three years and I took part in some school field trips.

Nowadays, I am taking a Master in Bilingual education at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Thanks to this Master I feel fully prepared to play the role of a Language Coordinator in a Bilingual Primary School.

Bilingual education is the not only the future, but also the present. Every single person need to master at least two languages to have an opportunity to join the job market. And I consider that English language is essential.