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Gumbo for the Soul International ~Shedding Light on Life Around the Globe est. 2003.

About Gumbo for the Soul International, home of Gumbo for the Soul Publications, Gumbo for the Soul Literacy Program and TRIBE Family Channel:

Every one has a story to tell. Who will you trust to tell yours? To date, we have published 5 anthologies which includes hundreds of contributors. Our catalog listed below is available through

Beverly A. Black is the Creator of Gumbo for the Soul International.

Her personal story was released on September 22, 2016, A Wretch Like Me: From Crack-Addict to Change-Agent. ISBN #: 978-0-9790479-4-7 and is available directly from the publisher.

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We published our first book in 2005, Gumbo for the Soul: The Recipe for Literacy in the Black Community.

"'Gumbo for the Soul' dares to call it like it is. This serving of Gumbo is a must-read for every parent, teacher, mentor and all who believe it is important that our children can read and comprehend the English language." -Tavis Smiley-Author, Television, Radio Host.

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Our second book published in 2007 is "Here's Our Child-Where's The Village? focusing on adoption and foster care.

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Our third book Women of Honor-Special Pink Edition-focusing on breast cancer.

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Our fourth book Men of Honor-Special Cancer Edition, focusing on prostate cancer.

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Our fifth book combines all four of our publications in to one: Gumbo for the Soul: 10th Anniversary Edition.

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