Gunnar Holmsteinn

San Francisco

COO at QuizUp. Previously founder and CEO of CLARA (Acquired by Jive) and Vaktarinn (Acquired by Keldan). Product Discovery and Execution.

At CLARA, Gunnar oversaw all business development, fundraising and company initiatives including the management of high profile Fortune 500 clients.
Before founding CLARA, Gunnar was a Brand Manager at The Coca-Cola Company, where he was responsible for brand planning, overseeing extensive market research efforts and developing sales metrics.

Gunnar is an expert in Product Management, UX, Wireframing, GTD, Marketing and Sales Strategies. He has received significant research grants and patents in the field of Analytics and Natural Language Processing. Gunnar is a passionate leader and speaker in the entrepreneurial communities of Iceland and the Silicon Valley.

If I could track, measure and/or quantify every single thing in my life, I would.

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