Nikhil Gupta

psychiatrist and Consultant in New York, NY

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I am a systems thinker specializing in diagnosing problems by asking questions (of individuals/ organizations).

I am formally educated in the problems of the mind/brain, and actively treat patients with complex biopsychosocial issues. I have also done strategy consulting for businesses at McKinsey&Company and independently.

I have spent time in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru), UK (London), and US (NYC, Boston, LA, New Haven) as a physician, researcher, consultant, and meditator.

I align my life to experiential enjoyment; i.e. I pay attention to the now. I mostly enjoy what I do (and vice versa).

I believe in values, food, monism, punctuation, and puns. I do not believe in strong preferences, right & wrong/left. Istigkeit.

  • Education
    • All India Institute of Medical Sciences
    • Yale University (Dept of Psychiatry)