Guzide Arslaner

Linguist, Philologist, and Localization Professional in Belek, Antalya, Türkiye

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I am an English linguist, Turkish philologist, localization professional and mentor living in Belek Tourism Center, Antalya.

I provided linguistic consultancy to international agencies in the past two decades, with a focus on the cultural adaptation and quality assurance of online and offline marketing materials in the fields of fashion, banking and IT. I also worked on the localization of numerous mobile apps and games, educational modules and related web content.

Currently I focus on mentoring and my journey in lifelong learning.

For information about receiving mentorship in the context of language services business, please contact me through my profile on Linkedin:

I am interested in traveling, hiking, nature photography, world cuisine, ethnic music, metal, archaeology, history, museums, nonfiction, etymology, languages, and lifelong learning.

  • Education
    • English Linguistics BSc. Hacettepe Uni. '07
    • Philosophy BPhil. (Hons) Anadolu Uni. '15
    • Media and Comm. AA. (High Hons) Anadolu Uni. '17
    • Web Design and Cod. AA. (Hons) Anadolu Uni. '19
    • Turkish Lang. and Lit. BA. (Hons) Anadolu Uni. '23