Guzmán Sánchez

science communicator in Madrid, Spain

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Apparently, I am a doctor in molecular biology. I can prove it but I´m still not too sure what it means. For almost 10 years I was doing research here and there starting at the University of Leeds (UK), then at Universidad Autónoma in Madrid and Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa (Spain), also at the University of Montreal (Canada) and at the University of Leicester (UK), to finish at the Max Planck Institute (Germany). During this time I specialised in molecular biology, with particular focus in cell signalling.

In November 2014 I cofounded a science communication agency named Scienseed. We try to make science as accessible, atractive and educational as possible, through any means and with any possible format. We are always exploring different approaches to disseminate scientific findings and to critically assess how they meet societal needs. Before that leap of faith, I had enjoyed writing different types of scientific literature and presenting at international conferences. Also, I have written more general articles about the science/society interphase in Spanish ( at and and in English (at

Since no-solo-de-ciencia-vive-el-hombre I also play percussions in a band called Lígula.