Saurav Srivastava

Designer and Art Director in Gurgaon, India

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Design is what I consider to be optimisation and organisation of information to facilitate decision making and helping a consumer reach his goal by aligning with a product's business' requirements and expansion.

I believe that good design should be minimal, long lasting and backed by data. It should result in saving time, giving value and bringing happiness to consumers.

A good design always leads to uplift in business and consumer sentiments for the product.

1. Currently leading & managing the design team at Edifecs RoundGlass.

2. Formar Sr. Product Designer at Zomato.

3. Former UX Lead at Airtel Xstream.

4. Ex HealthKart, Directi and SlideShare.

5. Designed fMobi & gNewsReader for Symbian & Blackberry and Unigram for Windows Phone and Windows 10.