Habeeba B. Pasha

Habeeba B. Pasha

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My name is Habeeba. I'm an author, married, and I have two hyperactive kids who drive me nuts. I'm also a special education teacher. To keep from driving off a cliff, I write.

In 2014, I landed a publishing deal for a book I wrote called, "The Love of Debbie La'treck," the first in a series. It's a story about Vivian, the mother of a ten-year-old named Debbie who she has taught how to read at a very early age, but without restrictions. The content of Debbie's books is causing Debbie to lose her grasp on reality. Vivian now has to get Debbie to face reality without sacrificing her love for reading.

The story is funny, with lots and lots of drama, and is written for 9 yrs to adult.

You can Pre-Order the story and Check out Chapter One here: http://myhbpbooks.com/?page_id=149.