hadeel helal

If You Truly Loved Something You Gonna Do The Best To It . I Believe That One Day I'll Change My Points Of View So Don't Judge Me From The First Look . Have A Dream To Change Media In My Country To The Best . If Yon're A BOY Please Don't Add Me On FB Unless You Know Me , If You're A GIRL You Are More Than Welcome ;) . You Can Follow Me On Twitter Or FB But I Love People To Know My Personality Through Real Life . I Love To Paint But Not A Good Painter You Can Check My Paintings Through Twitter :) . I Have A Twin And She's Everything In My Life . مش فلول ولا اخوانيه ولا ليبراليه ولا حتى سلفيه ولم انل الشرف حتى اكون ثوريه ... انا مجرد مواطنه مصريه عاديه