Hafiz Adewuyi

Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Consultant in Lagos, Nigeria

Hafiz Adewuyi

Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Consultant in Lagos, Nigeria

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Hmm. Just a little they ask for. But I find it very hard to keep it little when it comes to writing. My preferred mode of self expression is writing. I probably fall in the upper-percentile of non-disabled people with the least words spoken. If it ain't absolutely necessary, most times, I won't say it. Except of course, it's one of those moments when I'm in a particularly good mood and I feel like spreading the love to the hapless people around me.

I wanted to put my professional skill right here, but I realize I am first a person before a worker (my work life so far has been one that helps me empathize with our fathers whose muscles blessed the white man's plantation back in the day).

You would be very lucky to find me in a bad mood. I've got the superpower ability to blank out; just forget it all and think about nothing. I use this superpower, for example, when I'm being tongue-lashed by some pissed of person.

By default, I am helpful, to a fault. Sometimes, I feel like I am a robot. Just give me your request and if I think the response is not far-fetched for me to get, that's my life's next mission. But then, my head touches sometimes.

Now, some work talk. I program (write code, develop), professionally. And that's really all I've ever made any money from in my now long lifetime. Do I love it? I cannot categorically tell you that o. But it's something I can happily do for a few hours everyday. Brain exercise, everyday, it is. Good, I will not be found in the demographic of those people who do not think.

More about work though. I have voluntarily spent several hours on end writing. I imagine that if I ever get tired of racking my head doling out code, a career in writing would be something for me to explore. You just never know :)

That's me, that's me.

Oh, I almost forgot. My favorite TV station is DSTV channel 182. Plunk me in front of a TV screen and my hands are going to autonomously press '1' '8' '2' on the DSTV remote. Nat Geo Wild. There's just something amazing about watching animals, about the brilliant and well-produced commentary that accompanies the shows, the wide range of breathtaking places that I might never step foot in that I can visually travel to from my couch.

Next time you see me, ask me what I did out of my comfort zone today. The wise ones have said, time and time again: "That is only way to remain truly happy".

Hey. I blog at http://www.hafiz.com.ng