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Haggerty Ford Lease Advantage

Auto Dealer in West Chicago, Illinois

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The Ford brand has always represented quality and progress in the automotive industry. The newest models in the Ford lineup are some of the most innovative vehicles on the road today. So there has never been a better time to take advantage of the attractive Zero Down Lease Offers in West Chicago, IL that we have here at Haggerty Ford. We offer many Ford vehicles for lease specials including:






There are many benefits to entering into a lease agreement with us. Leasing a vehicle allows you to upgrade more frequently, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest models that Ford has to offer.

Some of the other benefits of leasing a vehicle through Haggerty Ford include:

Lower monthly payments

Lower down payment

Fewer repair bills

Available pre-paid maintenance plans

Not having to deal with trade-in hassles or resale at the end of the lease term

Avoid all of the problems associated with used cars

We truly believe that there is a Ford in your future, so check out our excellent lease offers, and then stop in and see us to get behind the wheel of a stylish new Ford vehicle today.