Rahman Haghparast

Web Developer, Father, and Photographer in Mashhad, Iran

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I was born on July 26th 1980 in Mashhad, Iran. I had a good childhood and had the opportunity to spend my high school years with a group of exceptionally talented people in an organization for development of exceptional talents in Mashhad. I moved to Tehran to continue my education in Mechanical Engineering heat and fluid in Amirkabir University of Technology and graduated in 2004. I started my job as a web developer in 2001 and continued it ever since. Besides the IT job, I haven't worked much in my field of study in university but I have participated in some big projects in IT industry and I have also published 9 php classes to be used for free in www.phpclasses.org website (https://www.phpclasses.org/browse/author/99729.html) and one 2 prizes there. I am currently the technical manager of Falinoos which is the owner of megapaper.ir site which is a search engine for scientific documents. I also work with an international team to create a social network for shopping named Browzzer.

  • Work
    • Bikooch Technical Manager
  • Education
    • BS in Mechanical Engineering