half marathon training

Let’s confess it – Running a distance of 13.1 miles is no easy task, especially if it your first time. This is why; proper training is a must to see you till the finishing line. There are plenty of approaches to get trained for running a half marathon. So, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, most of the time, novices tend to make mistakes while choosing a training program. Here is a list of some of the common slip-ups that beginners make and some ideas to correct them. Let’s have a quick look at them. If you have not covered such a long distance earlier, then they might help you.

Control your excitements - it’s a long way to go

Generally, beginners tend to pile on the mileage too early. This is because, they are unable to control their excitements of participating a new kind of event. In fact, some of them choose a training program at random without considering their fitness level. The decisions taken out of impulsiveness can affect their training to a great extent. They can even hurt themselves and develop soreness on knees and ankles, as a result of which they may not be able to complete their training. This is why, it is advisable for all runners, to begin their training at a slow pace and then increase it gradually. Remember, an injury can make you disqualified for your race.

Make it a thumb rule – drink loads of water

There are a number of new runners who suffer from acute dehydration. This is because; they underestimate the need to water to keep them going. Even an average person also needs to drink 8 to 10 litres of water per day, so, you can estimate how much water you need to have as a runner. Even if you are not thirsty, you should drink water. You can also drink energy drinks. However, refrain from drinking carbonated beverages. Drinking loads of water will keep you hydrated from within and you will not lose your stamina while on your half marathon training, as well as, running.

Do your homework before getting down to action

Most of the times, new runners just get into the action without thinking about the pros and cons of a half marathon training schedule. This is not at all good for their health. If you are participating in a half marathon for the first time, then do some homework and plan your training. If you are finding it difficult to d