Hal Greenberg

Tampa, FL

Born in Chicago, Il now in Tampa, Fl, 2 kids, one ex-wife, been designing games for over 10 years. Nominated and was runner up for 5 Ennies. Started writing and designing again in 2012.

Recent/Current Projects:

Bluffside for Castles and Crusades (out now)

The Awakened book I (out now)

The Awakened book II (2014)

The Awakened RPG (2014/2015)

The Awakened book III (2015)

The Awakened: Modern book I (2015)

The Awakened: Isle of Bones (2015)

Sam the Hanukkah Dragon (2014)

The Edge (2014)

King of Thieves (2014)

Visit us at www.samuraisheepdog.com

  • Work
    • VP, AD, game designer, author