Designer in Austin, Texas

Hanasaurusrex is an artist, designer, illustrator, hand crafter, yarnbomber, and self-proclaimed curator of cute. She is available for parties, but consider yourself warned, she may just eat all your cake. A lover of clever concept… out of the box, in the box… maybe just a box. She also likes to misspell wordz, in lowercase. It's probably an authority thing, but she doesn't like to dwell.

She also likes, but is not limited to liking, pencils. pixels. fiber. arrows. sound. pen. acrylic. reading. rain. points. lines. wool. watercolor. paths. feathers. chocolate. shiny things. owls. cupcakes. surf. not math. night. root beer. sk8. ribbon. pictures. neon. animals. tiny things. tacos. bugs. color. mac. hot glue. reptiles. writing. string. coffee. ukulele. pepperoni. fish. light. billiards. and travel. And, oops, forgot grape soda... oooh grape soda… *diabolically tapping fingers*