Damion Hänkejh

Smithsonian Laureate CTO and Investor in New York

Damion Hänkejh

Smithsonian Laureate CTO and Investor in New York

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AI semiconductors / Security / Defense / Fintech / eCommerce / Biotech / Education / Veterans / Space


Smithsonian Laureate CTO, now CEO of AI semiconductor developer Ingk.com

Ingk's Analog AI chips are non-silicon, non-Turing, and nonarithmetic processors - orders of magnitude faster than silicon. They require no AI training (LLM etc) & obsolete Deep Neural Net silicon & quantum computing in performance & unique capability - breaking the Church-Turing limit, which has restricted the entire history of computation to maths imprecision.

Computing in irrational number space is critical for sufficiently modeling anything accurately in nature (biopharma, climate etc) and achieving AGI.

In the dark ages, Damion invented Internet customer service - cofounding InstantService.com with Martin S. Rood before IBM coined eCommerce in 1997 (exited to Oracle / $1B rollup) - the first & largest carrier-class telecom platform for secure real-time Internet support. Every serious eCommerce company uses this today.

More recently, Damion won IBM's worldwide Watson Developer challenge among teams spanning 18 industries/43 countries, becoming the 6th granted access to IBM's cognitive supercomputer, Watson. His FANG toy (Friendly Anthropomorphic Networked Genome) is the first adaptive education service powered by cognitive computing. Its manifestation was a Watson powered plush toy prototype designed to hold a secure, adaptive conversation with kids, & parents.

An hour ago, Damion founded HRDN - uncomputable security beyond decryption powered by Ingk chips and embodied in a hardware appliance to immunize networks and data - in flight and at rest - from brute force attacks, man-in-the-middle hacks, and quantum decryption.

Hänkejh was honored as a Smithsonian Laureate in 1999 for his work with Dr. Robert Lazzara as CTO of Virtual OR (now Swedish Medical), a pioneer at the nexus of telemedicine & minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery, setting the stage for the first fully accredited virtual operating rooms worldwide (a permanent Smithsonian collection).

Damion has volunteered since 1995 to create amfAR's first website & HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Directory Database - the first and only comprehensive online resource covering global treatment research/clinical trials.

Damion also advises Bain & Co, McKinsey, & Fidelity

Photo: Peter Bell @ NASDAQ CTO Summit

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