Damion Hänkejh

Smithsonian Laureate CTO CEO, Investor / Founder in New York City

Damion Hänkejh

Smithsonian Laureate CTO CEO, Investor / Founder in New York City

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Fintech / eCommerce / Education / AI

Damion Hänkejh won IBM's Watson Developer challenge and became the sixth worldwide given unfettered access to IBM's cognitive supercomputer, Watson. His FANG proposal is the first adaptive education service powered by cognitive computing; its earliest manifestation was a Watson powered plush toy prototype designed to hold a conversation with kids, parents & teachers.

Damion invented Internet customer service before IBM coined "eCommerce" & founded InstantService.com, the first and largest carrier-class telecom platform for live customer service (acquired by Oracle in a $1 billion roll-up, now Oracle Live Help).

Damion serves alongside Microsoft Bing inventor, Lorenzo Thione, as founder of Ingk Labs -- resurrecting underleveraged, dormant IP from the largest corporate R&D labs and VC firms worldwide -- rapidly moving from concept to company to form capitalized ventures that demonstrate disruption potential.

Hänkejh was honored as a Smithsonian Laureate in 1999 for his work with fellow founder, Dr. Robert Lazzara, as CTO of Virtual OR (now Swedish Medical), a pioneer at the nexus of medicine & minimally invasive robotic surgery, setting the stage for the first fully accredited virtual operating rooms worldwide ( a permanent Smithsonian collection ).

Damion formerly volunteered in 1995 to create amfAR's first website and the HIV/AIDS Treatment Directory Database -- the first and only comprehensive online resource covering global treatment research and clinical trials at the time.

Founder / CTO, OnApproval -- fintech perfected for luxury eCommerce & brick (backed by AOL Ventures, ERGO and LeFrak)

Investor / advisor, Koda Labs

Investor / advisor, US Veteran owned & operated Condition One Nutrition

Weapons design -- orbital, targeting & yield precision

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