I like Gamechangers.

An idea that's old hat in one context can jolt another. It's not about things working alone -- it's about things working together. As a future-focused design researcher and experience strategist with a background in psychology, journalism and anthropology, my passion is people and reimagining the human side of technology to enhance the way we live, work and play.

From education to new urban experiences, I focus on adding the human touch to where digital service innovation meets the physical world by remixing ideas, connections and collaborations so that it not only makes more sense; it comes alive for unexpected common ground.

How to make big changes using small actions.
Why the past will be big news for the future.
What a classroom can teach us about connection.

As a strategist, writer and speaker, I do my best work at crossroads: design, business, social change, culture -- whether it's in the field, the boardroom, or striking up a deep conversation with the people I've met during my work in India, Finland, Scotland, Japan, Spain, France and the US.

My work has been been featured on the radio, in the AIGA Design Library in New York, at the Venice Biennale and various media.

Gamechangers: Let's play.