Sven Haiges

Munich, Germany

Sven works at hybris in Munich, where he applies all kind of new technologies to commerce-drive use cases. As member of the hybris labs team, he’s constantly figuring out new technologies and tries to turn them into prototypes, speaks about them both internally and externally, blogs at and finally showcases some of them at conferences. He’s lived in and out of Germany (Bay Area, while at Yahoo!) and has a degree for Computer Science and an MBA from the FH Furtwangen, Germany, and the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

Topics change quickly, but the major ones he’s touched are Internet of Things (IOT), iBeacons, BLE, RESTful Webservices Design via node and other engines, all things Android (focus on NFC, BLE), new HTML5 APIs, etc. When it comes to languages, he’s a big Groovy fan but also enjoys hacking away Javascript code for various node.js-based demos or choosing whatever is appropriate to achieve the goal.

  • #iot
  • #arduino
  • #hmtl5
  • #android
  • #nfc
  • Work
    • hybris GmbH
  • Education
    • Wirtschaftsinformatiker (FH), Management of Technology MBA (SFU)