Sven Haiges

Architect, Father, and Public Speaker in Munich, Germany

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Sven works at Samson Pilotenwicklung GmbH in Munich, researching and implementing future IIoT architectures. Among the core technologies/tools are Kubernetes, Docker, Helm and Terraform. Yes, we connect our edge devices to a Kubernetes cluster! While doing IoT, we all became DevOps, too!

Sven is a maker at heart and loves to connect things. Along his journey, he picked up many techs such as 3D printing, laser cutting or even silk screen printing. He loves to talk about his experiences and is not shy of giving workshops (even for kids, e.g. using Micro:Bit for STEAM). The prototyping devices of choice include Raspberry PIs (a lot and preferably in a Kubernetes cluster, at least with Docker...), Particle IoT and flavors of Arduinos. On the software side, Sven has worked over many years with NodeJS and Go, finally preferring Go for it's cross-compilation features and small binary size.

He’s lived in and out of Germany (Bay Area), has a degree for Computer Science and an MBA from the FH Furtwangen, Germany, and the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

Sven has family and cares a lot about a healthy work/life balance. It's the core ingredient of innovation and creativity. Teams are super important and the more diverse the better they are. Plus: Mistakes are awesome! Ever wondered why kids learn that fast?

Active Sauna Person - if you want to cut a few layers of conversation, let's go Sauna right away. There are few nice ones in the Munich Area and I'll probably not say no...

  • Work
    • hybris GmbH
  • Education
    • Wirtschaftsinformatiker (FH), Management of Technology MBA (SFU)