Hardik Mistry

Success Engineer and Microsoft MVP in India

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Hello there.

I am a person trying to bring harmony into people's daily lives by solving their problems through technology. Sometimes that works, sometimes it DOES NOT.

I am an engineer by qualification but a CAR person by passion. Oh! I having been working as a Software engineer plus Consultant and blah blah blah for 7+ years now.

Currently I am helping a few select startups (well they are just 2 of them) build engaging and intuitive experience for their customers including over-looking their product growth and strategy.

I can write code in C#, Powershell, Bash, Java and Python, Umm... I can do it in other programming languages (not you HTML!) as well, but you will have to pull out your hair to understand or may be call a doctor.

I can architect and manage infrastructure using Microsoft Azure.

I can write apps using Xamarin or Native Android (Java) and also break a leg with iOS (Objective C)

I can deliver success embracing DevOps.

That's it folks.

Thank you for your time.

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