Hariah Hutkowski

Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner in Sun Prairie, WI

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Hariah Hutkowski is a small business owner with an unwavering sense of community. A local of the Sun Prairie area, he is passionate about bettering the lives of his neighbors. For many years, he represented the people of Sun Prairie as an Alderman. Today, he strives to be a positive community leader in any way that he can!

HHH Logistics, LLC.

Hariah Hutkowski isn’t someone who waits on a solution to come out of nowhere. Instead, he prefers to be proactive. This carries into both his professional and personal lives -- and especially when something in his home needs to be repaired. A Sun Prairie homeowner for nearly two decades, he takes pride in the Hutkowski household. Anytime he needed something repaired or installed -- he took care of it. Friends and neighbors were often impressed with his work and would even ask which repair team he had called on. Noticing the incredible level of craftsmanship, they were surprised when he’d tell them that he had completed the job himself! In 2018, he decided to take his handiwork to the professional level. That’s when he founded his home improvement and repair company HHH Logistics, LLC. The company offers a variety of repair, remodeling and renovation services.

Community Work

A family man with a strong sense of community, Hariah Hutkowski takes pride in giving back to Sun Prairie. For a decade, he represented the area as an Alderman. Today, he continues to dedicate himself to his community by supporting initiatives like Youth & Families Commission and Friends of Sun Prairie Library.