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Yoga beliefs are one of the six most important conventional schools of Hindu religion. It is closely related to the Samkhya school of Hinduism. Yoga school's methodical studies to improve one bodily, mentally and religiously have predisposed all other institutes of Indian philosophies.

The phrase yoga is frequently expounded as "union" or a technique of regulation from the Sanskrit phrase "yuj" (to coupling or bind). A male expert is called a yogi, a female expert, a yogini. Yoga shares some quality also with Buddhism that can be discovered back through history. Through the sixth century B.C., Buddhism also strains the significance of consideration and the exercise of physical postures.

You are actually hale and hearty when you are not just bodily fit but also psychologically and emotionally balanced. According to “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar”, “Health is not a measly absence of disease. It is an energetic expression of life – in terms of how pleased, loving and adoring you are.” This is where yoga helps: postures, meditation, and pranayama (breathing techniques) are a philosophic fitness package.