Harm Otten, PhD

Laboratory Manager, Biotechnologist, and Chemist in Gråsten, Denmark

Hi, I have a strong professional approach to commercial and scientific research. My expertise lies in biochemical product formulation and high-throughput crystallisation. I am a good technical communicator. In crystallography and product development, I managed instruments and robots in biochemical and chemical X-ray analysis (XRD, SAXS, EXAFS, XANES), mass-spectrometry and spectroscopic analysis (FT-IR, UV/VIS, CD, DLS, Fluorescence, and NMR).

My ability to manage and describe biochemical research findings has given rise to commercial formulations for enzyme and microorganism products and ten peer-reviewed publications.

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  • Work
    • Novozymes A/S and MAX IV
  • Education
    • University of Marburg
    • University of Copenhagen