Harold Ford Jr

former U.S. congressman in New York

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Harold Ford Jr, aka Harold Ford is able to describe and examine the implications of changing trade, tax, financial regulation, climate change, health care, and infrastructure investment policy and how these changes will affect growth in a cross-section of industry spaces. Harold Ford Jr. relies on his experiences on the financial services and budget committees in Congress from 97-07 to forecast and analyze the dynamic differences the anticipated federal policy changes will deliver to the U.S. economy. To the surprise of some, becauseFord Jr. is a democrat, he believes there's some upside to many of these changes, and he accepts that there are real risks to some of the propelled changes.

Harold Ford Jr believes the Democratic Party is now forced to go through a reinvention to regain its national footing and relevance. The primary focus has to be on reconnecting with middle and working class America—the most important and largest group of voters. Harold Ford Jr. believes that Trump, although an imperfect and unlikely political vessel, resonated with voters who believe that elites in government, business and entertainment look down on and have forgotten about them. In addition and maybe more significantly Trump is redefining and reducing the importance of traditional party politics as we know it. A new covenant is being established between party identification and voters expectations. Trump is at the vanguard of it.

Elected into Congress at the age of 26, Harold Ford Jr. served on the House Budget, Education, and Financial Services committees. Recognized early on for his ability to seek and find bipartisan solutions, Ford Jr. quickly became a leader among the congressional blue dog caucus where he worked across party lines to pass balanced budgets, find cures to our nation's broken public education system, and lower taxes on job creators and middle-class families for five terms.