Haroon Abbasi

Lahore, Pakistan

I'm walking with the world, sometime following and sometime being followed.

I’m Haroon Abbasi, Software Engineer and Web Application Developer from Lahore, Pakistan. I love programming that's why i choose it as my career. I have a very deep interest in my work. Programming is like passion for me.

I have experience in Windows application development and now from previous one year Web Application Development is my new track to drive with extreme speed for Front-End Development, drifting skills to tackle different situations, and high power mind engine to boost back-end development. I am constantly looking to further my skill set and knowledge, keeping track of modern practices, trends and technologies within the industry.

Specialties: .Net Application Development,Web Development with PHP,CMS

"In Every Fall there is a lesson that you have a courage to rise again!!"

I love Rain, Walk, Movies, My Family, Cats, Birds, Colors, Nature

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