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I've always said I want to write a book. The operative word in that statement is "WANT". A book is a lot of work and it can be boring. I don't mind work, as long as it's something I like to do. But if it's boring, I want to move along. That's why I've done many things in my life, in many professions and I've had fun in them all. Except for teaching. I got out of college and went to work in a school. I hate school. I like to learn, I just hate the physical building...I also hate other people's kids. Big OOPS there, right? But I learned something!

I worked in live theater, not as a performer but as a "techie". It was grand fun and didn't seem like work at all. I learned about the nuts and bolts of a LOT of stuff that I still use today. But then I got tired of running around in the dark dressed in black during scene changes, hoping not to bump into the diva actress who kept leaving dirty Kleenex on my prop table. So I moved on.

I've done display work in department stores, putting together vignettes in the furniture department and arranging little "shop" areas of big stores. I liked it so much that even after I moved on from that, I would "part-time" it just for fun around Christmas. I estimate that I've decorated about 1,000 Christmas trees in my life.

I've been a wife, a mother, an ex-wife and the best wife ever. I've been a stand-up comic, an office manager, a receptionist in a dental office, and a designer for a new home builder. I've been a cancer care giver, health insurance paperwork expert, patient advocate, dietician, physical therapist, psychoanalyst, and home sanitizer, all of which earned me the "best wife ever" title.

I've lost my father, my youngest brother and 2 incredibly loving cocker spaniels during my most menopausal years. Yet I am still able to laugh. I didn't even feel guilty when a co-worker with his head up his butt bumped into me upon returning from bereavement leave and he asked, "How's your brother?" I could have cried, but did not. I replied "He's still dead". For the first time ever, that man took his head out of his butt! I guess I'm also a miracle worker.

I like to write, so I write. If I write enough I could end up with a book. And I want to write book. So welcome to my blog...prelude to a book.

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