Harrell Nut Company

Harrell Nut Company is a nut distribution business centered in Camilla, Georgia. It focuses on offering customers high-quality pecans through its umbrella of retail, fundraising, and wholesale organizations. Harrell Nut Company specializes in producing pecans out of both of the nation's pecan capitals, Georgia and Texas. With dual operations that include shelling plants, cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, and retail stores, the company can shell a combined 270,000 pounds of pecans each day. With the ability to produce in these two major centers, the company is uniquely situated to provide consumers with region-specific nuts at reduced freight costs. A business in operation since its founding in 1973, Harrell Nut Company remains the only major pecan distributor to possess facilities in both regions.

Each branch of Harrell Nut Company is committed to sharing heart-healthy pecans with as many consumers as possible. The company's namesake serves as the wholesale brand and distributes nuts to supermarkets across the nation as well as to valued partners requiring pecans for their own products. Camilla Pecans offers everything from chocolate-covered pecans to mammoth pecan halves and praline pecans as a fundraising means for other organizations. Ole' Henry's Nuthouse operates as the company's retail front, where consumers can buy pecans directly from the source.

Harrell Nut is certified to meet the requirements for SQF 2000 Code Level 2: Accredited HACCP Based Food Safety Plans. Using preventive measures to ensure not only the quality of the product but the safety of the consumer through the elimination of potential health hazards, the company regularly passes recertification and remains dedicated to producing people-safe products. The company is a member of the National Pecan Shellers Association, the Southeastern Pecan Growers Association, the Direct Marketing Association, and the Texas Pecan Growers Association.