Harriet Kendall

I like cats, cupcakes, postcards and cute Christmas tree decorations. But more importantly, I'm capitvated by communicating. At around the age of 8 I had the sudden realisation that brands had this power to reach out and communicate with millions of people. Ever since then I've been developing the skills to figure out for myself how they do it.

Determined, as soon as I was old enough, I worked after school as a market researcher so I could discover consumer truths. During my time at University in both the U.K and Amsterdam I began to seek further opportunities. This included a PR Internship at Freud Communications, leading to becoming a Brand Ambassador for the brand ChaCha. My creativity led Kellogg's to approach me for me creative input into their upcoming products and campaigns.

When not acting like a brand geek: I still act like a brand geek. In my own time I experiment with public perception. I write a blog focusing on the little delight's in life and spend time promoting my Facebook fan page: networking wherever possible, online and offline. I'm also currently creating a portfolio of writing for media.
I'm eagerly anticipating graduation so I can throw myself out there into the world of PR.