Albertine Harris

USA, Europe, Arabia. Asia and Africa

I am campaigning to end poverty, violence and epidemic of fear. As a Blogger and want-to-be investor in pipe lines, bioatomic plants&biofuel for a #GreenPlanet, research of new products and campaigns benefit all activists against fracking, high costs of energy and human life. .

Petitions to increase ethanol and standard coal under developpment. For a Go Green Planet to promote health and clean air, one of many campaigns, together with Arabs, Native Americans, Japanese, Syrians and Gaza Children, whom are all affected by tear gas, uranium and radiation, come together to eradicate Nuclear.

Ask my team to conduct a clean up in your area and/or to participate in rebuilding of deserts and all areas facing drought, crisis as well.

I am supporting the movement to end chemical trails and begin trade and peaceful missions across the global.

  • Work
    • Networker, Designer
  • Education
    • Green Certificate, Anti-Terror