Harris Decker

There are few things in this world I love more than blogging and music. Add in a flair for social media and you've got the basics.

Having studied music management in college, I earned a minor in marketing, a field which has become my primary focus. During college, I gained my first experiences blogging, when I created The Truth About Music. This music and pop culture blog has grown to include three writers and cover events nationwide.

Partnering with my college roomate, I founded Think Social, a digital marketing agency focusing on integrating social media into a companies existing culture. The goal of the company was to bring advanced marketing concepts to companies of all sizes. With a few projects completed during our undergrad years, we took another step forward in our post college lives.

Now, Think Social manages social media campaigns for half a dozen companies, monitoring over 80,000 Facebook fans each and every day. This ability to work with with companies of all shapes and sizes has become a true passion as Think Social grows larger and larger.