Harry Paul-Emile

A/P Business Analyst and Property Manager in United States

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Harry Paul-Emile is an A/P Business Analyst and Business Management Consultant. Paul-Emile maintains a wealth of knowledge and expertise in accounting as applicable to property management and real estate investments. Extensively experienced, the A/P Business Analyst and Accountant has maintained roles in the field of Accounts Payable for more than three decades. Paul-Emile currently works as a Business Management Consultant for a recruiting company, with the goal of consulting more professionals, startups and established ventures in the near future. In tandem with his A/P Accounting and Business Consulting, Paul-Emile also manages and maintains a real estate investment portfolio. Although property management is largely a side project for Paul-Emile, the professional is well versed in the financial aspects of the business.

Outside of his property management projects, Harry Paul-Emile is an avid world traveler. He enjoys visiting different states, countries and even continents in search of the best hiking trails. The traveler’s major bucket list goal is to travel to all continents; and he’s already well on his way! Although he enjoys hiking and playing sports, his world travels aren’t always centered around adventure. When he has the chance to, Paul-Emile also sets some much needed time aside for rest, relaxation and reading.

  • Education
    • Babson College
    • Lesley University