Harshit Patel Harvard

JD Candidate at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA

In the legal domain, Harshit Patel Harvard has successfully translated his academic excellence into a promising career at Harvard Law School. He is an integral part of the Journal of Law and Technology (JOLT) team, serving as a Digest Editor and delving into the legal challenges posed by emerging technologies. His involvement as an HLS Admissions Volunteer and as a note-taker for HLS Accessibility Services showcases his commitment to ensuring equal opportunities in education.

His internship at a prestigious law firm was a period of significant growth and learning. He undertook substantial transactional work, delved into various facets of litigation, and was crucial in drafting key legal agreements, all while ensuring strict adherence to regulatory guidelines.

He maintains a balanced and fulfilling life through his engagement in sports and music, including playing soccer, hiking, weightlifting, and practicing the alto saxophone. His passion for soccer, in particular, mirrors the values that guide his professional journey: resilience, a dedication to continuous learning, and a commitment to fairness and justice.

Harshit's sense of justice also manifests in his charitable endeavors. He serves as an ambassador for the College Advising Corps, provides tutoring support to underprivileged students in New York City, and is actively involved in community service, particularly at his local temple. These activities reflect his unwavering commitment to justice, hard work, and lifelong learning.

As he advances in his career and life, justice, diligence, and continuous learning remain central to his journey, promising a future filled with accomplishments and a lasting impact on the world around him.