Nick Jensen


Nick started the book that is his life in the sleepy villa that is Norfolk, Nebraska. He ventured from corn-riddled terrains of the Midwest and landed in the urban jungle of New York City. Navigating his way through academia, building a successful career, figuring out how best to impact the world, and doing a lot of deep, analytical thinking are among Nick's activities. Having decided to make his passion for people a focus of study, he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Sociology.

Nick is an enthusiastic traveler and considers himself an intrepid spirit. Furthering his interest in connection, Nick did research in the northern mountains of Thailand on community development and civic engagement. The following summer he returned to work at an International Development Foundation. Nick enjoys the French and Italian languages and feigns fluency in both. Nick currently resides in his beloved home in Brooklyn.

Taking the Staten Island Ferry, running across the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, lounging with friends, being gregarious to tourists, and watching the sun rise over the East River are among his favorite New York City moments. Indeed the pages to the vivacious chapters of Nick's life are worth perusing, and as you decide to bestow upon him the pleasure of knowing you, you'll find he's an open book.

  • Work
    • NYU Office of Interactive Media
  • Education
    • New York University