Hassan Taher

Author and Consultant in Los Angeles, CA

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Born on February 3, 1965, in Beaumont, Texas, Hassan Taher was raised by his engineer father, Ali, and high school mathematics teacher mother, Fatima. Their support cultivated Hassan's early fascination with science and technology. Hassan has a younger sister, Lila, who later pursued a career in pediatrics.

Hassan's love for science fiction novels, especially those featuring artificial intelligence, fueled his passion for storytelling and led him to join his school's writing club. Additionally, Hassan was an avid violinist, maintaining his musical interests throughout his life and even participating in a community orchestra during his time at the University of Texas at Dallas.

His first book, "The Rise of Intelligent Machines," became a bestseller and set the stage for his career as an author, speaker, and consultant in the AI field. Hassan eventually founded Taher AI Solutions, enabling him to directly influence AI technology across various sectors.

Hassan married his college love, Sarah, a graphic designer, and together they have two children, Adam and Leila. The family enjoys traveling and hiking, often planning vacations centered around nature exploration. A photography enthusiast, Hassan captures memories from their adventures and is a staunch advocate for environmental preservation. His upcoming book delves into the potential of AI in addressing environmental challenges.

Throughout his life, Hassan Taher has been dedicated to promoting responsible and ethical AI practices. His work in educating and raising public awareness has earned him respect within the AI community, inspiring others to discover the world of intelligent machines.

  • Education
    • University of Texas at Dallas