Hayden Koch

Project Manager, Reputation Management, and Department Head in Huntington Beach, California

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No matter the task, the most satisfying feeling is not only improving, but learning from each experience. From music, to video games, to sports, to real-world marketing, each day represents a new learning opportunity and a chance to grow. I believe this desire and high expectations I set for myself will shape my future into anything I'd like it to be.

Search engine optimization and digital marketing are not only intriguing, challenging and satisfying - they are impactful. It's so satisfying connecting hardworking and driven business owners and entrepreneurs and philanthropists and everything in between with increased online visibility, and the ability to reach not only more people, but the exact consumer or business you dream of having. It's wonderfully complex, but very logical. Simply connecting the dots. Giving the user what they want, and more.

Online branding is universal and increasingly important as the iPhone 13 and the 9.5 Inch Samsung Tablet can just be flopped out at any time, spoken in Chinese to Siri, and she'll essentially unravel a person (business, figurehead, actor, producer.. etc.) on a platter for anyone to see and immediately tweet about.

But seriously, a 5 second Google search can give a person an entire perception of you. I have the tools to improve that perception! Visit my website :) http://hlkmarketing.com/

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  • Work
    • Swell Marketing, Inc.
  • Education
    • Calfornia State University, Fullerton