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Starring Manos Koutsis and Sofia Stephanou

'I Don't Care I Love it' will be a 5 x 5 minute episode web comedy series. The series focuses on the journey of Jeff - he is working for a 'Motivation R US' a creative strategy agency that goes into already successful businesses to teach them strategies to maximize results. Jeff is employed to perform role -play services whilst he waits for his auditon at the RSC. He is lying to his father about his job prospects, until his fathers company hires 'Motivation R US' Jeff must keep the wolf from the door and his father from knowing his situation. Sofia- Jeff's sister - who runs the family business and disagrees with Jeff's choices must assist him in the subterfuge and help get rid of the Motivation R US team before they send the family business bankrupt.

The series is based on a short play for the LOST theatre 5 minute festival 2013, the piece was one of 8 finalists out of over 50 submissions.

Praise for theatre work:
CTRL-ATL-DEL by and starring Emma Packer Previews Leicester Square Theatre, Etcetera Theatre and ZooSouthside Edinburgh Festival

"A charming show with heart. Catching it in Edinburgh is a good idea." A Younger Theatre

"With humorous confrontation, CTRL-ATL-DEL serves up a thought provoking dish - recommended" The Big Issue

Vera and The Sea by Katherine Hayes

"There's pleasure to be had in watching Ellie Lavan's performance as the childlike and bewildered Vera." The Londonist.

Carpe Diesal by David Simpatico

"Groundbreaking transatlantic performance" a London New York Los Angeles collaboration.

Pathos Wholesale by David P. Griffiths

"The humorous and punchy dialogue between the shop keeper and customer are truly wonderful. The contr