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Happy birthday images If you have the thinking, success only have something to do with happiness, you are wrong. This thinking is in most cases due to education. Only if you do something yourself, you can permanently change your life to the positive. Too many people Click here today are looking for happiness in passive consumption and it is hard to find. As adults, we have forgotten the ease of the beautiful childhood. More than ever, just as the children find out through playful activities what is really important and fun to us. Fun gives us a sense of freedom and happiness. Try it.

I recently searched for a new assistant and a job posting. I received more than 100 applications and was faced with the problem of finding the optimal assistant from this mass of letters. This is also a challenge for other companies. Here the motivation / cover letter often decides on the "pure" or the "Raus". Finally, this shows who stands out from the crowd and proves class.

Happy birthday images Whether you are fresh from the training, unemployed or are looking for a new challenge, you will not miss an application. And many people fear that. The curriculum vitae is still the least problem, but for some years now, bosses, especially with foreign companies, want a motivation letter. The applicant makes clear to his potential employer what he would like to achieve during his professional career and why he is particularly suited to the place where he is placed.

If you are at a crossroads and are sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper to write a motivation letter, ask yourself the following:

What am I willing to do to get the job?

How do I get rid of other applicants and get out of the crowd? (USP)

How do I make my application unique? How does it remain in the minds of decision-makers?

Happy birthday images Quality goes through! The visual design of an application can decide whether to accept or refuse. The personal approach to the company is the key. What can I offer the company for added value, so that it decides for me? It is also important to keep the motivation record short, concise, concrete and emotional.

To apply is to present yourself. And as individual and creative as possible!

And if it does not work out right away, stay tuned! Do not give up on a cancellation, but ask yourself what you can still optimize and do so.

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