Malcolm Reggie

Losing weight is the aim of many individuals, especially with all the start of a fresh year. For those of you who have tried all of the fad diets, the food that tastes like paper, and the drinks from a can, there is now hope.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, also known as hcg is a polypeptide hormone found in your body while pregnant. This hormone operates with the hypothalamus gland to help the body control fat. The most effective hcg drops say they can help an individual lose up to a pound per day.

It is the fat that is consumed by the best hcg diet drops. First discovered by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, profasi is done during maternity to feed and nourish the developing foetus. It requires the fat reserves stored by the body and alters them into the placentas nutrition. Dr. Simeons believed that this hormone could be used to drain adipose cells and transform this to energy to help obese people.

The body comprises three different types of fat. There is structural fat which is found between the organs and the skin forming a protective layer for the internal parts of the body. The next kind is the bodys energy is supplied by the normal reserve fat which when an individuals calorie intake is too low. The last kind is the unusual fat which is the kind that forms on the buttocks, hips, waistline, and thighs and which does not serve a genuine goal.

The gain of human chorionic gonadotropin drops as opposed to only eating a low calorie diet is that when eating a low calorie diet, you are starving your body. When this occurs, the body will take from any kind of fat to discover the polypeptide and vitamins it needs, including the structural and reserve fat supplies.

This is why after a man stops a low calorie diet both slender muscle is gone and the weight comes back. With hcg, the fat is taken from the fat, so that when the program is discontinued, there is still lean muscle to burn off the calories.

The hcg program is done in three periods. In the first period, the individual builds up fat reservations by eating all they want for two days while taking the best hcg falls. Afterward, during stage two, they follow a 500 calorie diet for twenty-three to forty days, along with taking the hcg

This diet consists of fruits, veggies, and two daily meals of 3.5 ounces of polypeptides.