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Hippo CMMS is a powerful, affordable, and user-friendly web-based maintenance management system solution for businesses. Its flexible platform and essential CMMS features suit a variety of industry needs, from manufacturing to healthcare hospitality to education and more. Hippo CMMS software makes the complex simple with its graphical interface, unlimited user licenses, and friendly support team. With over ten years of experience, Hippo CMMS has been instrumental in streamlining maintenance operations for hundreds of organizations.

Computerized maintenance management systems have been around since businesses started using computers. Depending on who, or what the source is, some in the industry date the dawn of CMMS as early as the introduction of punch cards. 25 years ago, most maintenance management systems involved huge installation processes, and were very costly. Installations almost always involved a lot of customization, and time to deploy on internal computer systems and servers. Today, this is not the case at all. The CMMS world has been turned completely upside down with accessible internet, and the explosion of smart phones and tablets. Facility and maintenance managers are quickly shifting from installed, on-premise deployments to SaaS browser-based solutions. Web-based software is recognized as a win-win for both the CMMS provider and the customer. With cloud deployment, software updates are delivered in seconds to all customers and data is maintained and backed -up in state-of-the art data centers. This has basically removed the IT department from the equation and any related costs.

Hippo's web-based CMMS helps provide maintenance management solutions to a variety of different industries from Hotels and Hospitality, Educational Facilities, Hospitals and Healthcare, Government and Municipalities, and Equipment Management and Manufacturing.

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