Tuvia Wertheim


Over 20 years of painstaking research, development and beta testing went into the creation of "HiDef Analog" - the first full spectrum, non-proprietary analog audio restoration process for 48k Hz HD broadcast over any mobile network and any device!

  • Universally importable and exportable to any format
  • Maintains consistent playback levels
  • The same audio richness on any device: from the simplest smartphone to an audiophile's custom stereo.

Email me today for information about HiDef Analog audio remastering for streaming broadcast or for music distribution on 5 to 35 hour DVD-A quality compilation discs.

  • Work
    • HDAudioPlus Israel
    • live.365.com
  • Education
    • MIT audio lab
    • Rensallaer Polytechnic Institute