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Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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Hello, I`m Yvonne,

I would like to introduce the Healthy Breeze natural essential oil products, which are the result of my own desire to look for an alternative to the artificial and strong fragances of commercial air fresheners, to give all little corners of our home a natural and relaxing atmosphere. I don't like to load the air of my home with the strong smell of chemicals, but I couldn't find a product on the market, which fulfilled my requirements.

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As a pharmacist I know the benefits of aromatherapy of medicinal plants from which essential oils are obtained. Its aromas are spread to every corner of your home arousing emotions that can trigger feelings such as satisfaction, safety, ease and serenity or restore your emotional balance.

I tried to bring a little bit of healthy air from the countryside to our home, not only good smelling, but also focused on the great potential of natural active ingredients, which purify the air. Inspired by nature and conscious of the growing social concern about a natural lifestyle, I use fresh bamboo wood, Himalaya's salt and essential oils. The product comes in vials which release the substances in a continuous manner and have a long-term duration. Enjoy pleasant moments with "Healthy Breeze" natural essential oils air fresheners which produce a relaxing effect, anti-stress and emotional wellbeing.

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