Debra Sue

San Antonio, Texas

Debra Sue

San Antonio, Texas

Join me and my sixty toe family, in our adventures of Faith, fitness, cooking, gardening, exploring, volunteering, dealing with a disorder and overall well being. I'm raising kids to embrace health, activity, new foods, diversity, wellness and community involvement. We aim for longevity, one habit at a time.

Presently, I am working to finish my personal trainer certification. Through research, study, changing habits and altering my lifestyle ... I have lost over 175 pounds. I am an eternal work in progress.

So some random facts about me; and if you don't know what I'm talking about ... Google it.

*My Meyers Brigg personality type is ENFP.

*I am a Leo.

*I have a genetic mutation called MTHFRC677T.

*I have a disorder called SED {look it up}

*I am a big believer in volunteerism and community service.

*I vote but I rarely discuss politics.

*Last but never least, I am a Christian, follower of Jesus Christ who is a member of the Episcopalian Church.

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