Noor Khan

Dubai , United Arab Emirates

I'm in this business because I find it interesting and challenging. As a consultant or as a programmer, I like to be involved early on in a project; I think most projects succeed or fail early on, during the requirements and technical design stages, and so I like to be involved there. But I can pick up the ball and run with it at any stage, bringing a customer-focussed, pragmatic approach while keeping true to the fundamental engineering principles which must underlie any successful system.

Primarily, I design and build software systems. But to me, a good engineer isn't hidden in the back corner of the basement office, coding to the green glow of a monochrome monitor.

  • Work
    • Meritocracyonline
    • IVC Telecom
    • a2z Travel Solutions ApS.
    • SocialCubix
    • eViz Solutions
    • Crisbar LLC
    • Durar Smart Solutions L.L.C
  • Education
    • BS (Computer Science)
    • eACCP (Software Engineering)