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Heat Pump Masters helps those looking for heat pumps to find a quality supplier in each of the main centres of New Zealand.

Heat pump installers are offered in each of the North Island main centres of Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. They are also offered in the South Island centres of Christchurch and Dunedin.

A variety of the big brand heat pumps are available including Fujitsu Heat Pumps, Mitsubishi Heat Pumps, and Toshiba Heat Pumps.

When you make an enquiry during business hours, you will be responded to within one hour. Quotes are generally given at the time of the site inspection. Then it is a simple matter of accepting the quote, and you will have a heat pump installed within generally one week.

Heat pumps are the most efficient form of heating and cooling. For every watt of power used, there is generally 3 or more watts of heat or cooling generated. Add to the mix being able to set your heat pump to start via timers, or your mobile phone, and you have a warm or cool home awaiting you when you return from work.

Michael Brandon is a leading Search Engine Optimisation consultant in New Zealand who is giving heat pump operators another method of getting business in addition to their own website, offline marketing, and AdWords.