Heath Cartwright

Sales Executive at Freeman Decorating Company in Westville, IN

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Heath Cartwright, born and bred in the heart of Canton, Ohio, has left an indelible mark on both his professional journey and personal life, and his formative years in Chesterton, Indiana, nurtured a profound love for the great outdoors, physical fitness, and community engagement. Despite achieving significant success in his career, he remains steadfastly humble, dedicating his life to uplifting others and nurturing his deep-rooted faith.

His career is a testament to his unwavering dedication to excellence. It all began at Miami University of Ohio, where he played football, instilling in him the fundamental values of teamwork, discipline, and unrelenting perseverance. These principles continue to guide his professional path.

One of Cartwright's proudest career moments unfolded in 2016 when he was honored with the distinguished Stand Out Award for his exceptional sales performance at Freeman Decorating Company. During the third quarter of that remarkable year, he orchestrated transactions totaling an impressive $23 million in revenue. This accomplishment showcased his exceptional sales acumen and demonstrated his ability to thrive under pressure, consistently delivering outstanding results.

His professional journey is marked by dedication and an unwavering work ethic. While he garnered significant recognition at Freeman Decorating Company, he diversified his expertise through various roles across his career. His commitment to continuous learning and growth is evident in his multifaceted work history, encompassing sales, customer service, and management roles.

His educational foundation was meticulously laid at Miami University of Ohio, where he excelled both on the football field and in the classroom. Balancing his passion for sports with academic rigor, he laid the groundwork for a prosperous career.

Heath Cartwright is not merely a professional achiever but a dedicated philanthropist with a heart for community service. His unwavering commitment to serving others radiates through his involvement with the Boys and Girls Clubs. Here, he generously dedicates his time and resources to positively impacting young individuals' lives. His genuine desire to support and uplift others shines brightly through his tireless community engagement efforts.

  • Education
    • Miami University of Ohio